Project summary: I-4 – Ipolyvölgye Festival

Project summary

The aim of our project is to increase the cross-border tourism, to preserve culture and traditions of the municipalities located in the area of the Lower Ipeľ. We would like to implement it by organizing festivals by municipalities and by non-governmental organizations on various topics. The festival series was titled as, I-4 – Ipolyvölgye Festival. Locations of the four festivals on both sides of the border, which is to be held in 2021, are the municipalities of Ipolydamásd, Chľaba, Vyškovce nad Ipľom and Letkés.

Our further goal is to implement those missing events in the region, with annual basis and in the long term, which could generate high attendance, hence increasing tourism of the region.

The long-term goal of the festivals is to continue and strengthen the many years of international cooperation between the border municipalities, to widely promote the region in the field of culture and tourism, and to involve all the age groups of citizens from the border area into the active cultural programs. Important connecting link of the festivals is the Ipeľ bridges.

The theme of the festivals is different and it varies from venue to venue. They involve colorful cultural events, traditions preserving events, various sports and family programs, thematic exhibitions, literary and music programs, lectures on tourism and environmental protection. The programs are primarily for the inhabitants of the border area and for the participants. Wide promotion of the event is important in order to achieve the highest possible number of visitors, as well as to continue the events in the coming years, thus generating a gradual increase in the number of visitors in the given border region.

Financial Support

Beneficiary: Dunakanyar Ipoly Börzsöny Területfejlesztési Nonprofit Kft.

Call: Interreg V-A Slovakia
Hungary Cooperation Program, Small Project Fund

Project title: I-4 – Ipolyvölgye Festival

Brief description of the project: The aim of the project is the cross-border co-operation of the Hungarian and Slovak settlements on the Lower Ipolyment, as well as the preservation of its culture and traditions, which is realized by organizing a diverse three-day festival between municipalities and NGOs.

Amount of aid: € 49,358.06

Aid intensity or amount: 85%

Project ID: SKHU / WETA / 1801 / 1.1 / 010

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